Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fort George Meade (Army Base)

Now Face Book page is violating our civil rights.
For all of you out there that have problems with the Base Command, Security, or Housing I hope you would write you Senators. I have been around the military from the day I took my first breath. My father is a retired Navy LT Commander (MUSTANG), I also served in the Coast Guard, and now I am a Coast Guard Spouse. Never in my whole life have I been on a base with the problems Fort Meade has.
Last winter right after the first storm I had a dear shot 10 yards from my back door. I live on base. The night it happened security told us they did not have the man power to have just one patrol car set and wait for the guy to pick it up. The guy had been out there for the last month before it happened scoping out the area. We had told them that he was going to be back to get the dear that night. The next morning he came around and yes he got the dear. We were not able to get a license plate at the time but we knew the truck. When we finely found the guy they said they did not have anything that they could get the guy on. Come to find out he lived a block over. Because of security's screw up and let me add head of security and the CO of the base said that he was behind security on it I do not know what else to do.
Another incident was a report me and my neighbor filed. One of the people in security called the person and told them word for word what was written. Another case of my civil rights broken. 
I am not even going to get started with housing. I would be here for another hour or two.

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