Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I get so frustrated at home when I am not feeling well because I feel I have no respect with the kids and even my husband. I busted my but all day Friday to clean the house and then I got really sick. I have fibromyalga and I got the flu on top of that. While I was in bed all weekend they destroyed the whole house. I do not get it how do they do it in a day and then let it go until I am better then I have to do it all over. I can not stand it. I wish just for once they could feel the pain it puts me in and I just have to deal with it because there is really nothing I can do for it unless I want to live in bed. I go every day in pain and I have a high pain tolerance and a tolerance to pain medication. I am so tired of being and dealing with this pain everyday.

Another frustration is there is a doctor in Pa. that for the last say over 10 year has been one giving saline in place of every shot he has ever given and second has been molesting children and there is over a 1000. This has hit home because one of my husbands coworkers has been taking there kids there for the last 3 year and yes there kids were in the batch that were. There is so much evidence on this guy but because when they did the search of the property he is saying the warent did not cover one of the buildings they searched and for that the evidence. Also he has practiced all over the US





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